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    About Us is an E-Commerce Market Place for Beauty Products, Skincare and Appearals managed by Sryngar IT Service Private Limited, Kathmandu, Nepal. is focused to deliver Eligance at the Doors of the Customers. 

    E-commerce is revolutionizing the way we all have started to shop in Nepal. We often hop from one store to another store to get the exact product or services we need. Sryngar houses everything related to beauty & skin care products along with products variations from western fashionable to traditional apparels and many more. Various top brands and their product categories, sub-categories are listed here. You name it you feed on the search option; you will definitely get a fortune to find the exact product with no duplicity (original copy). This ecommerce never shuts down.

    A world of limitless possibilities awaits for customers out there shopping randomly investing a lot of time and money to buy their desired products. At this very moment we have introduced a new revolutionizing ecommerce retail shop for all the customers in our Nepalese market. As we know many of online shopping company have introduced themselves facing many challenges for the past decades selling varieties of products in their website. Now, you might be asking that why we choose to buy our products.

    There is a simple answer to this. We have differentiated ourselves from other online companies on the basis of product categories that we deal with, the way we acquire products, our working ethics and logistics and technology implementation. Also, after observing the way these online companies performs and techniques (ideas) they use to stand alone upright in market, have been a matter of research for our starting company. This obviously provided us a benefit to understand market segment clearly and also get updated about the technology revolution which is a must for the survival of the company in the long-run.

    Along with this we have introduced ourselvesbriefly below to lure you or to make you know about benefits you get while shopping from

    A.   Who we are

    Sryngar is generally guided by five principles:

    • Customer obsession rather than competitor focus to retain our customers
    • Passion to explore and brainstorm
    • Commitment to operational excellence
    • Employee retention and motivation
    • Long-term thinking and future oriented

    We strive to have a positive impact on customers, employees, small business, our business partners and clients, the economy and ultimately our communities. Employees and staffs we hire are smart and passionate builders with different background and goals who share a common desire to learn and explore more on behalf of our customers.

    B.   What we do

    We introduce an online space for customers to shop, sellers to sell and we provide a secured platform to them. We are not mere inspirational wall hangings. We work hard on our principles, not only employees but leaders also work hard simultaneously through group discussion on new project, ideas and techniques to be applied.

    All these activities are briefly described below:

    I.   Skilled team circle

    We seek top talent from all industries and a range of backgrounds either from technical or non-technical field. We often conduct training programs and role play presentations (acts) in order to train and entertain our employees in both ways. We make them feel as an integral part of our organization.

    II.   Acquisition of products

    We acquire product through two models i.e. EITHER through direct inventory acquisition (direct importing) from our overseas business partners and clients OR, through our national vendors/suppliers/distributors (vendor model). We come to an agreement with our business clients in written form in order to prevent any fraudulent & unethical practices or any breach of terms and conditions that we agreed on. We along with our hard working business partners come together to support each other’s business. We try to build stronger connections between our buyers and sellers with product experience that are fast, mobile and secure.

    III.   Products

    There are varieties of products that we deal with. Generally, we deal with selling of beauty & skin care products and apparels for both the gender. All the products are of top quality without compromising on brands. All these products are supplied from our overseas or national business partners. We even update and advise our small business clients about different trending ideas for their business growth.

    IV.   Services

    We focus not only on products but also on our services because none of them exist alone in business run. We are customers centric and we believe that a business continues to grow in a long run if we give more impact on services we provide to our customers. Business clients are also equally important to us. We give sellers the platform, solutions and support they need to grow their business and thrive. We provide a safe gateway for transactions (payment) and a secured platform where details of our customers and business clients are protected without any breach of information.

    V.   Future oriented

    Growth and adaptation is our central principle to enable us to survive in future. We perform our work in such a way which implies a tangible impact on the lives of individuals. We focus on building long-term and innovative programs that will have a lasting, positive impact in communities around the world. Our business is enabled by people, powered by technology and open to everyone.